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OPEN: Sept. 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and Oct. 1-31 [Closed Sundays]
TICKETS SOLD FROM: Dusk to 10pm Weekdays, Dusk to Midnight Weekends

Ticket Prices All tickets are sold at the gate.

The Haunted World and Skullvania are sold as one (1) ticket. The Corn Maze is free with this ticket

The price is $22.00 and is the same for all ages (children 5 years old and under are free). There is a $1.00 charge per ticket when using a credit card.

The "Fast Track" is $4.00 and will put you up at the front of the line.

We're sorry, but we no longer accept any checks.

If you have a party of 25 people or more, we will discount each person $1.00. For groups larger than 50, please contact us for a greater discount.

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