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Idaho Haunted House - The Haunted World

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of Terrorizing Fear

Welcome to Idaho's Largest Indoor and Outdoor Haunted Attraction: The Haunted World!

Idaho Haunted House Schedule
Note: Tickets sold at 10pm weekdays or Midnights on weekends will have plenty of time to visit all the attractions.

Since the year 2000, we've perfected the art of fear. As the largest indoor and outdoor haunted attration and haunted house in the state, we offer more frightening entertainment than anyone else. We offer a spooky experience that is guaranteed to scare the pants off you, your friends, or your family. Expect around 1½ hours on weekdays, and around 2 hours on weekends, to experience The Haunted World.

There is no need to travel to Knotts Scary Farm, Universal Studios, or Salt Lake City, when the Largest Haunted Attraction in the western United States is RIGHT HERE in the Treasure Valley. Make no bones about it, our SHOW (haunt) rivals them all. It is not uncommon to have sweaty palms, discomforts in the bowel regions of your body, an irregular heart beat, and an uncontrollable urge to run... fast. WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE.

Come and join us again for TWO HOURS of unrivaled scares that will eclipse your worst nightmare...

Idaho's Scariest Haunted Attraction and Haunted House

TICKETS SOLD FROM: Dusk to 10pm Weekdays, Dusk to Midnight on Weekends

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